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My personal information

Q: Why does Kings want to use my personal information?

At Kings, we are proud of the experience we provide for our students (including you!) and the success they achieve. That’s why from time to time we might want to record your experience and your success to share with other people. It’s the best way to show them what it is like to live and study with Kings.

Q: What kind of personal information might Kings use?

If you have done especially well in your studies, we might like to share your achievements — whether in your exam results or in your university offers. Or we might ask you for your comments or opinions if they will help other students to decide to come to Kings. We might sometimes also arrange for photographs and videos to be taken in the school or the city which could include you. Next to these we might want to include your name or your nationality.

Q: How does Kings want to use my personal information?

We might put these on our notice boards in school, or on our social media pages like Facebook or Instagram. We might also use them in printed publications, advertisements, presentations, our websites, our app or our online blog Kings Life. We will only ever use these things to help describe Kings to someone, or to promote Kings. We would never allow anyone else to use any information about you for other reasons.

Q: Why do I need to give permission?

Because this data belongs to you we need your permission to use your information or pictures in this way. We will never use images of you, your comments or your results unless you have told us clearly that you are happy with this. 

That is what this form is for. By signing it you will be giving Kings permission to use your photograph, video or results as we have described above.

Q: What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind after giving your permission it’s no problem. You just need to make a request and we will ensure your details or pictures are never used. You can do this by contacting the Kings Data Protection Officer:

Allan Maule Kings Data Protection Officer 58 Braidley Road Bournemouth BH2 6LD, United Kingdom 

Email: privacy@kingseducation.com Phone: +44 (0) 7483 044384

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